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Working with the right partner

At Pinnacle, we consult, design, and implement projects for large enterprise companies across numerous industries. At our core, we are a team of business minded lighting professionals dedicated to the continued development of our best product, partnership.

As a decision maker, oftentimes it is challenging to clearly see the impact that proposed partnerships can have on your business operations. Our role is to handle all aspects of your lighting needs, offering the opportunity to focus on what is truly important to your core business and capitalize on operational efficiencies gained from our work.

You need a partner who:

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How we can help

Our work has helped businesses greatly reduce electricity expenditure, improve productivity, and nearly eliminate lighting related maintenance costs. Knowing that no two companies or facilities are a like, we adapt our best in class turn key approach to deliver results where they matter most. Here are some examples to illustrate how we work with our clients:

AuditAudit & Needs Analysis
designDesign & Development
solutionSolution Consultation
incentiveIncentive Management

Improving or re-designing an existing facility.
From remodel or deep renovation to a scrape and rebuild we treat every solution as a system no matter the state of the facility.

Review your lighting portfolio and prioritizing your conversions.
With tremendous success in national rollouts, we have a proven approach to optimizing implementation across a wide array of facility types.

Working as your lighting partner on an as-needed basis.
Supplier is a word we shy away from as we place great value on collaborative relationships. That said, our customer base includes savvy engineering and facilities teams who enjoy implementing projects themselves – in which case we are happy to be a solution provider.

Create a new lighting solution from scratch.
Some of our proudest success stories come from the opportunity to solve a problem. Whether it’s designing a solution to accommodate a legacy fixture that is integral to your existing aesthetic, or hitting required illuminance targets – we love creating and implementing answers.

Lighting As A Service
We’re passionate about absolving our customers of all lighting related headaches. If you simply want to enjoy energy savings and never change a light bulb again, we have just the program for you.

“As the founder of Pinnacle, I wanted to create a company culture that was passionate about customer service while maintaining the highest levels of integrity. To do this, you must surround yourself with professional individuals that share your passion and philosophy. I’m proud to say, that’s precisely what we have done here at Pinnacle. We may refer to ourselves as a team, we are however in every sense a family…. and with this comes treating our customers as they are, an extension of our family.”

-Dennis Harris (CEO & Founder)

History is an indicator.

Designing and implementing a top notch lighting solution is challenging, and present systems are more complicated than simply flipping a switch or screwing in a lightbulb. Your facilities exist not only as a vital place of work and utility; they also communicate to your customers on your companies behalf. As an organization, passing a footprint of over 30 million square feet has taught us that multiple factors drive your lighting decision: Facility Demands, Task & Utility, Maintenance, Energy Savings, Financial Demands, Customer Experience & Aesthetic Goals. Our mission is to craft solutions that synergistically capitalize on all of these motivations. The bottom line is that we’ve done this before – many times and very successfully.

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