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Pinnacle’s mission is to craft energy-efficient solutions that significantly reduce the operating costs of our customers.  Pinnacle has a global network of partners, affiliates and employees all working together to provide the right solutions to help our customers minimize their energy consumption. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Pinnacle provides unparalleled turn-key solutions to some of the world's largest corporations. Pinnacle counts as customers several Fortune 100 corporations, federal, state and local governments, hospitals and property management companies.

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    A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, does not contain a filament. Without a filament to burn out, LED lamps have a much longer life than regular incandescent bulbs and do not need to be replaced as frequently. Additionally, when the filament in incandescent bulbs is activated to produce light, the bulb generates heat. The heat produced is an inefficient waste of energy. LED bulbs not only produce less heat and consume less energy, they also save electricity and, in turn, lower electricity bills. The low maintenance cost and long lives of LED bulbs make them ideal for many applications. Pinnacle focuses on delivering products that provide the customer with a direct and immediate cost savings by reducing energy waste and maintenance costs. In short, Pinnacle’s LED lighting products save customers money while also helping to save the planet by reducing carbon emissions.


    • Reduce Energy Expense

    • Improve Safety-no risk of burns

    • Improve Lighting Levels

    • Get the Benefit of Tax Deductions (info)



    25,000 hours

    working hours



    1,000 hours

    working hours



            75% Less Electricity



            75% More Electricity







    Pinnacle offers a complete line of high quality lighting solutions for all applications.


    Incandescent bulbs are the least

    expensive to buy, but because of their relative inefficiency and short life spans, they are more expensive to operate.

    Pinnacle LED



    Regular Bulb


    Before and After Examples

    Incandescent Bulbs vs. Pinnacle LED Lamps


    Pinnacle products provide many advantages to our customers, including:

    •  Significant energy cost savings;

    •  Improved lighting levels that increase the comfort and safety of employees

        and patients alike;

    •  Lower operating temperature, which in turn reduces HVAC costs;

    •  Elimination of ballasts and their associated maintenance costs;

    •  Improved cash flow based on reduced energy expense;



Our Mission

Pinnacle was founded to provide a complete line of energy-efficient LED lighting

solutions marketed to major corporations, hospitals, government agencies,

and property management companies. A mere three years later, Pinnacle

has its own product line that is UL listed, and a stellar reputation among its

customers that rely on Pinnacle to provide cutting edge products and services.


Pinnacle constantly explores and gathers information on the latest technology

in the LED industry to provide our end users with the best solutions. We focus

on the direct impact that lighting has on workplace mood, safety and productivity,

as well as the impact our solutions have on the environment. Our LED lighting

products save customers money while also helping to save the planet. Pinnacle’s

products drastically reduce energy waste, carbon emissions, and maintenance costs.



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